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just be you.


and on your day…

Cause that’s coming up right? And you’re here?! Sooooo thankful cause oh I know you’re busy + hustling + checking off those boxes on the to do list of wedding planning so lemme help you!
I’m guessing there’s nothing about your vision that says you wanna be stressed searching for the perfect first look location, worried if your photographer is going to be detail oriented enough to get every single photo you have (+ haven’t thought of), or be stuck for an hour doing formal photos while your guests get antsy at cocktail hour! So know this, I’VE GOTCHU. I've been told I’m efficient, make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, + quick on my feet (peep those raves on my ‘reviews’ page if you wanna double check!)

I’ll become best friends with your aunt, get to know your other vendors, and work sooo in sync with your planner that you’ll know without a doubt you can actually sit back + relax (whaaaaat! Such a foreign thought) I’ll pump through formal photos, giving them the time they deserve but respecting your time to be with guests! Aaaaand call me obsessed with your day, but I’ll have you sneak peeks by the morning because I know there’s loved ones who couldn’t make it + you’re ready to show off that newly wed glow!

I’ve got you covered.
So now here comes your big part, put aside any magazine or article that tells you how your day has to be.
No matter how funny or quirky or classy or different you want it to be, if it’s you, then yesssss you should do it!! We’re celebrating YOU! All those personal touches, the parts of the day you love, the parts that make your heart beat fast, speak to you so intimately you tear up… I’m already there, catching it on camera, so that all you have to worry about? Is just being you.



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