Maybe you picked up a camera for the first time + looking for a direction or some guidance. Maybe you’ve been doing photography on the side as a “hobby” but you’re ready to make it MORE. Maybe you know you’ve got the dreams but you’re looking for a way to get there.
Well, here’s the thing...
There is no ONE secret that suddenly makes you a successful business.
Photography’s not a ‘one trick pony’. and Insta famous doesn’t pay the bills.
Why? Cause I’ve been exactly where you are right now. And if there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that you’ve got dreams big enough to build a business, motivation up the walls and creativity to keep it going. You not only can be successful, but you’re GOING to be. You’ve already got what it takes, I just want to help you use it!

You’re looking for that direction?

You’re wanting to define your brand?

You want to level up your photoshoots?


so you're ready for that next step

1.5-hr $450

Chat Session

Do we even need a reason to meet up, hang out and drown ourselves in coffee? Haha ok so maybe not literally but I mean….

Let’s talk all the things business related! Let’s go over workflow, Honeybook, contracts, pricing, emailing with clients, editing, literally aaaaaanything under the sun you can think of that you need to Step. It. UP!

And if you don’t know what that is? THAT’S OK TOO. It’s the “well you don’t know what you don’t know” kinda feeling and so that’s where I want to really step in for you. I’ll go over your website, instagram, + facebook before hand, whatever you use for marketing so when we meet up I’ll already have an idea of where you’re at and how I can meet you there and help you raise your game.

I want to give you strategies that you can actually implement in your business, not just a pep talk. I want you to walk away with attainable goals + a vision that you know how to reach. I want your business to be a business that


2 HR $600

Shadow a Shoot

let’s go make some magicccccc!!

If you’ve been struggling in photoshoots, whether that’s finding prompts to get those natural reactions, the candid moments, keeping your clients comfortable in front of the camera, or staying creative, then don’t you worry!!

I remember first starting off, I used to write on my HAND the different prompts I wanted to use during my shoot, ya know, so I wouldn’t forget hahah… but guys after practicing a million times, making myself jump in front of the camera every once in a while, I’ve learned what feels awkward, what get’s those candid shots, what works + what doesn’t + I want to SAVE YOU TIME!

You don’t have to do this yourself! Let me save you time of trial + error and walk you through a shoot + how I work with each couple!

I’ll set up the photoshoot, so all you have to do? Is get ready for some bomb content + an amazing time!!



Chat Session + Shadow

Woohoo let’s hang out alllllll day!…ok but really, I’m ready to invest some serious time in you and your business, because that’s exactly what you deserve!

We’ll meet up for about 2 hours at a coffee shop (or brunch, who doesn’t love brunch?! haha) to go over the business side of being a photographer, right after head out to a shoot that I’ll set up for you! Wherever you want to shoot, and whatever type of shoot you want we’re gonna do it!

I’ll go through the ins and outs of how I work with clients during a shoot, how to keep them comfortable in front of a camera, the prompts I use and ways to stay creative!!
Are you excited yet?! Cause I already am!! I can’t wait to start scheming the perfect shoot and how to up your business game with you!!