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just be you.


and on your day…
Cause that’s coming up right? And you’re here, I’m so incredibly thankful that in the middle of your hustling + season of busyness + checking off those boxes on the to do list of wedding planning, that you had time to resonate with a piece of my work which led you here!

Wedding plannings not easy (preaching to the choir haha) but I do know that amongst it all, I have the incredible privilege of getting to be that reminder to slow down, through planning AND on your big day, I get to be the calming presence when it’s way too easy to let it all live up to the stereotypical “busyness”.

I can’t count the number of times that I’ve grabbed water for the groom + his guys, making sure they’re taking care of themselves before double checking the decor for the hundredth time, or actually pulling the bride or the parents aside and saying “just take a deep breath, give yourself a second” and actually watching them inhale, pause, exhale, taking it in…. your wedding day only happens once. And I don’t want you to be the bride who says afterwards “dang I can’t remember half of it, it all feels like a blur!” You deserve more + my job is to actually freeze these often rushed moments, so that you can come back to them. And while doing that, slow everyone down in the moment as well.

When I work with you as a couple, using prompts to keep it natural + fun + exciting, I make sure I slow myself down as well + really work with YOU. You are not just ‘another couple’ or ‘wedding date booked’ you have a story. And it is incredibly beautiful to see it unfold in from of the camera + such a privilege to return those moments to you to hang on your wall or in an album, or in a little box on your dresser.

Know this, I’ve got you covered, so that all you have to worry about? Is just being you.




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