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Because I want to be more then just a vendor, more than just another girl running around with her camera, more than just an instagram handle…


Oh hey that’s ME! …and my super cute man up above!
One of the biggest things to know about me + my lifestyle is that I’ve never been the kind of person to wait around or get comfy with habits or 9-5 jobs.
I’m an ALL tabs open at once kinda girl, an “I wanna go to Canada… so how bout tomorrow”, a good Monday morning makes me want to adopt pups (but seriously, I adopted 2 twelve year old doggos + WOW they are my LIFE).
I can’t do offices, not even a super cute/pinterest-y home office (cute but I just can’t sit still) instead you’ll find me hoping around to local coffee shops, typically several in a day! And in the odd chance I find a free day in my calendar I’m filling it with fun creative shoots or plotting some road trip crossing state lines… but I think this is why I’m so driven with photography.
I WANT to connect with you, I can’t WAIT to share my passion, I’m EXCITED to serve you + I love doing everything that needs to be done for your day/shoot to go perfectly (cause let’s be honest, I loooove being a busy body!)

BUT at the same time, as contradicting as this sounds, I’m also a severe homebody. Give me nights snuggled up watching the Bachelor with my pups + man, or a homemade dinner with Halo top ice cream or froyo following it. I can’t live out of a van traveling the world because I need that home to come back to, to decorate, to make a mess of (then clean, then make a mess, then clean, it’s a cycle haha) but seriously! Let’s run around the mountain together, the state, the US, heck the WORLD! Then let’s come back home and share those photos + memories with our loved ones. Let’s fill our homes with canvases of our adventures, framed photos of you + your love (that’s what my place is filled with!)… sounds pretty damn perfect to me.

Real quick, A few things I firmly believe…

1. Just because you don't share or post something on social media does NOT mean you're not up to big things. Live it & stay low key. Validation doesn't come from attention, but rather from finding value within yourself first and foremost.
2. Grace is not seasonal. Period.
3. We need to beware of destination addiction. I've fallen prey before, to the idea that happiness is in the next place, next job, next person. But until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.
4. If you don't value your work, no one will.
5. Lastly, we never have to unscrew someone else's light bulb in order for ours to shine. There's (more than) enough room for us all and what we should be pouring our love + energy into is community, self-confidence, building others up, and genuine encouragement. The only thing I've run out of room for, is competition.

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Froyo lover, dog adopter, runner, fire fighter, skydiver, to-do-list addict, rhubarb crisp eater, calligrapher, PERFECTIONIST


“…you will wish you had her there more than anything in the world if you don’t”

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“None of it felt forced at all. She was so encouraging and made it so easy to relax…”

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Kind Words 

If you’re thinking about having Hannah be your third wheel for the day, just do it already! She is the sweetest soul EVER + someone you will WANT by your side during all the precious moments that life throws your way. Not only is she someone who will become your friend for life, but she has SO many fun ideas for posing + prompts that had us rolling on the floor (LITERALLY), laughing until our stomachs hurt! We adore Hannah + if we had….


Desiree + Cristhian


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