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Fancy meeting you here!

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Hey hey heyyyy it’s me (+ my cutie fiancé) up above!

One of the biggest things to know about me + my lifestyle is that I’ve never been the kind of person to wait around or get comfy with habits or 9-5 jobs.
I’m an ALL tabs open at once kinda girl, an “I wanna go to Canada… so how bout tomorrow”, a good Monday morning makes me want to adopt pups (but seriously, I adopted 2 twelve year old doggos + WOW they are my LIFE). Before photography I was a firefighter, and one of my life goals is to be skydive certified soooo you could say I’m a slight adrenaline junkie! Anyone else out there feel that way too??

I can’t do offices, not even a super cute/pinterest-y home office (cute but I just can’t sit still) instead you’ll find me hoping around to local coffee shops, typically several in a day! And in the odd chance I find a free day in my calendar I’m filling it with fun creative shoots or plotting some road trip crossing state lines… but I think this is why I’m so driven with photography.
I WANT to connect with you, I can’t WAIT to share my passion, I’m EXCITED to serve you + I love doing everything that needs to be done for your day/shoot to go perfectly (cause let’s be honest, I loooove being a busy body!)

My branding is all about natural joy, the raw, in between moments, the little quirks that make you YOU. I can’t wait to get to know the person behind the photos (that’s you friend!) + just have a genuinely good time creating images that get you excited!