Chat Session




Do we even need a reason to meet up, hang out and drown ourselves in coffee? Haha ok so maybe not literally but I mean….

Let’s talk all the things business related! Let’s go over workflow, Honeybook, contracts, pricing, emailing with clients, editing, literally aaaaaanything under the sun you can think of that you need to Step. It. UP!

And if you don’t know what that is? THAT’S OK TOO. It’s the “well you don’t know what you don’t know” kinda feeling and so that’s where I want to really step in for you. I’ll go over your website, instagram, + facebook before hand, whatever you use for marketing so when we meet up I’ll already have an idea of where you’re at and how I can meet you there and help you raise your game.

I want to give you strategies that you can actually implement in your business, not just a pep talk. I want you to walk away with attainable goals + a vision that you know how to reach. I want your business to be a business that you’re proud of….. now let’s go get that caffeine and get down to business!