Wedding planning is a HECK of a lot of work yesss, but money? Probably more money then work lets be honest hahah. Here’s the thing though, after your wedding day is all done and gone and you’re post honeymoon or looking back after a year of being married or heck, even at your 5 year vow renewal… what’s the ONE thing you’ll have from your wedding day? your photos. (and maybe your dress in a box under your bed hehe)

But in all seriousness, your wedding day photos are going to outlast ANY other part of your wedding day + that means it is so much more then just a price tag, but an investment. I’m currently working on planning my own wedding day (WOOHOO!), putting together my dream team of vendors so I know exactly what you’re going through… it’s not easy. Sticker shock is a real thing. Money keeps leaving my pocket but ya know what? I feel SO dang good about it. Because I know i’m investing it wisely. and that’s exactly how I want YOU to feel!!

I want you to be as confident as possible in choosing me to take care of you + your memories on one of the most important days of your life. I want to be that person you had no idea you needed but soooo thankful you have. peep those reviews if you wanna hear it from a third party buuuut I’m ready to be that for YOU.

If pricing is what’s stopping you from inquiring with you then please reach out anyways!! I want to make sure you get everything you need on your day + can create a custom package just for you! I’m completely transparent, let’s have that money talk, no fluff, I’m just here for you and your big day!