Shadow A Shoot




let’s go make some magicccccc!!

If you’ve been struggling in photoshoots, whether that’s finding prompts to get those natural reactions, the candid moments, keeping your clients comfortable in front of the camera, or staying creative, then don’t you worry!!

I remember first starting off, I used to write on my HAND the different prompts I wanted to use during my shoot, ya know, so I wouldn’t forget hahah… but guys after practicing a million times, making myself jump in front of the camera every once in a while, I’ve learned what feels awkward, what get’s those candid shots, what works + what doesn’t + I want to SAVE YOU TIME!

You don’t have to do this yourself! Let me save you time of trial + error and walk you through a shoot + how I work with each couple!

I’ll set up the photoshoot, so all you have to do? Is get ready for some bomb content + an amazing time!!